Relax With a Takeaway Meal in Front of the TV

If you’re on vacation in Queenstown, whether for business or pleasure, you’ll probably want to spend time relaxing in front of the tv. A busy day sightseeing can make you want to chill out in front of the tv or play a few favourite online casino games. Rather than spending your evening in a restaurant, you may choose to order a takeaway instead. Keep reading as I reveal some of the best restaurants in Queenstown that provide a takeaway service.

Erik’s Fish and Chips

Erik’s Fish and Chips is situated near Queenstown’s main beach and offers a selection of seafood dishes you can takeaway. This unique restaurant is a dining trailer, and they even offer kids meals as well. Known for their British style fish and chips, they provide a good selection of dishes including blue cod, oysters, calamari, and mussels. You can also choose from a variety of vegetables and sauces to create a perfect takeaway meal for relaxing in front of the tv. You can create your order online, ready for picking up.

Enjoy a Taco Takeaway

Taco Medic offers a mouthwatering selection of tacos for you to take home and enjoy. From freshly cooked tortilla chips to tacos made using authentic Mexican ingredients, you’ll be spoilt for choice. All fish is locally sourced, and all dishes are gluten-free. Taco is the ideal food for eating while playing online games such as rubyfortune casino, lotto, or poker. You’re less likely to end up with messy fingers than with some other finger foods.

Flame Bar and Grill

Flame Bar and Grill is situated on Beach Street and offers a takeaway service. The menu has a wide selection of seafood dishes as well as flame burgers, lamb cutlets, and juicy steaks. Ask for a takeaway, and enjoy at home or in the hotel while surfing online, or playing a favourite casino game.