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Seafood Lovers Guide to the Best Restaurants in Queenstown

If you’re a seafood lover and planning a visit to Queenstown, you’re in for a treat. This picturesque resort on the shores of Lake Wakatipu has plenty of top seafood restaurants, as well as grills and bars. With a plentiful supply of fresh fish caught from the lake, you’ll find a varied and delicious selection on offer. Queenstown is a very compact resort, with most bars and restaurants within walking distance. This makes it easy to get around, no matter where your hotel is situated.

The following seafood and grill restaurants have a variety of foods on offer, including vegetarian. From freshly caught salmon to lobster and trout, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

Finz Seafood and Grill

Situated overlooking Lake Wakatipu, Finz offers a relaxed dining experience. You can even dine outside and watch the steamships cruise by. A typical menu provided at Finz includes such dishes as seafood chowder, crab and cod cakes, and oysters. In addition, meat lovers can enjoy prime cuts of New Zealand beef. Finish off your meal with a delicious dessert

Fishbone-A Seafood Lovers Paradise

The Fishbone Restaurant is a fish lover’s paradise with a wonderful selection of dishes, including turbot, salmon fillet, sole, and clams. In addition, they also serve fish and chips made the old school way! All produce is sourced locally, with fish caught from around the South Islands, and vegetables are grown in Fishbone Farm. The restaurant is situated in the centre of Queenstown, with seating available outside.

Captains Restaurant

Situated in the mall, Captains restaurant offers a mouthwatering selection of seafood dishes, including salmon, oysters, whitebait, and scallops. Meat lovers can enjoy New Zealand lamb, or steak cooked on the char-grill. The food is a bit pricier than other seafood restaurants, but reviews mention the high quality, as well as a great atmosphere.

Tips on Finding the Best Seafood and Grill Restaurants in Queenstown

There is a long list of places you can go if you are looking for where to eat seafood and grills. It can be an overwhelming experience if you are short of time, and you need to identify a place to eat. Some of the tips you can use to get a good place that sells good seafood and grill include the following.

Review Online Results

The internet is your best bet on finding interesting places. When you do a specific search, for instance, “Where to get grilled crabs in Queenstown,” you will get results that are a good match. From the many results, you should go the extra mile and review the results and ratings of the restaurant so that you have some basics on how they operate and the kinds of foods you are likely to find.

Ask For Recommendations

Do you know any food lover or someone who likes going to restaurants? Reach out to them if they know the Queenstown area so that they recommend a few places you can sample. You can also use social media, especially blogs that are written by people who love to travel and review hotels and restaurants. Platforms like Instagram and Youtube are also becoming popular places to know what is happening in the world of hospitality.

Sample Many Restaurants

If you have the energy, and you want to spend some of your time looking for a nice place to eat, you should try many options. Do not limit yourself to one restaurant. Try many that are within your reach and then compare and contrast the quality of food you are getting, and the services. You may just discover the hidden gem when it comes to seafood and grills in Queenstown. Compare and contrast while bearing in mind that every chef at a restaurant has a speciality. You only need to discover them.

Finding the Best Seafood and Grill in Queenstown

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Queenstown Restaurants Serving Seafood and Grills

We give you a list of restaurants that you can visit for seafood and grills if you are in Queenstown. The list is from well researched and trusted sources, including people who have eaten in these establishments and experienced first hand what they serve. We tell you what stands out about the restaurants mentioned, giving you a reason to sample them. If you want to try out other restaurants not on the list here, you can use the guide we have written to help you choose a restaurant for yourself.

Menus and Services

Besides knowing the available restaurant choices, you need to know the menu options that you can choose from. This website goes in-depth in establishing the types of menus you will find in most seafood and grills restaurants, It also explains some of the amenities you need to look out for if you want to enjoy your meal. Things like good customer care, connection to Wifi, and speed it takes them to serve your meal should be a determining factor in choosing the place to eat. Good service is key in every industry. Think of this site as your companion in Queenstown, who is willing to help you navigate your way around while biting on the most delicious seafood and grill.